Why Undamned?

🎵 Undamned is the name of a duet between Lucinda Williams and my favorite band, Over the Rhine. It’s on my favorite record of theirs, The Long Surrender. The Long Surrender Album Artwork This verse, in particular, resonates:

It’s been my lifelong song
Who’ll take me Just As I Am
Help me to get my world
Get it undamned

I often feel like I’ve been looking for acceptance my whole life. Like if I could just be accepted (by him, by her, by them, by me) then I’d find wholeness and be content. I still chase it, it feels like it’s just a part of me. So when I was thinking about what to call this piece of me that I’m putting out there, this song kept bubbling up for me. I liked the idea of being an Undamned One and also an atheist/anti-theist.

Why here?

I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts recently-like a couple months ago-and I’ve been craving a place to connect without all the intrusiveness of “traditional” social media. I’ve also been meaning to write more intentionally, and I’m hoping this space will encourage me.

What to expect

I plan to use this as a personal journal, as a place to store quick quips, a place where I can share some amateur photography and stuff I’ve written in the past. I also hope it provides a layer of connection that I’ve missed after leaving those more intrusive platforms.

Matthew @UndamnedOne