Also is Mitch McConnell rotting in hell (where he belongs) yet?

I heard he’s gonna “retire” soon.

I hope that’s just a funny way of saying gonna “rot in hell (where he belongs)” soon.

🎵 Michael shared this group w me. I feel awe considering our ability to create beauty from breath (and practice!). It’s human & universal.

Here’s their Ave Verum Corpus, which I sang in high school w Sr. Ensemble. We got a 1 at contest 💅

We had 20-some voices—here’s what it sounds like w 6.


This dog 🐶 🐾🥰💞💞💞

Fun Fact for the Sabbath

The mission of The Satanic Temple, the only Satanic religious organization recognized as a church by the IRS and the Federal Court System, is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense, oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. Also they sell lovely coffee mugs in the gift shop. 🤘☕️🖤

🫠 Struggling with some focus issues this week as I work. I’m doggedly hyper focused, but on the wrong priorities. I can’t get to the tasks I wanted to start and finish on Tuesday because I keep working on other stuff. I’m supposed to have this eLearning course done this week and I don’t think it’s going to be physically possible unless I work on Saturday or Sunday.

Matthew, we’ve talked about reading the comments before.

microblog://post?text= Our agency director is having a press conference with the governor today and her executive assistant sent an announcement about it. It had a link to the governor’s Facebook page, which I didn’t even want to click on because now it means I have to clear my cache and I’ve got like 400 open tabs, but I did click on it and what’s worse…I read the comments. I still cannot believe how willfully and confidently ignorant the people of Ohio are.

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And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note

“Whassa matter, Garfield? Cat gotcher tongue?” I chuckled when I had that thought. It calmed me down from being angry at whatever IT pro did this while finally installing some light cable management at my desk and who didn’t leave a note. At least they set it aside and didn’t like, stomp on it some more. And they carefully placed this beautiful, broken paperweight right next to my semi-sacrilegious calendar which I LOVE hanging here at the downtown state owned office tower.

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Most People Are Good by Luke Bryan

My god do I ever hate contemporary country music. 🤮🤮🤮

I think I might need more Garfields for my office desk downtown.

And a better cord management system, ew.

Here’s a Betty Davis song all about booze and liquor and drinking and getting drunk and drinking more and also drinking.

Great listening for your next happy hour or disco dance or fine dining experience.

Not particularly recommended for playing at 12-step meetings, however.

I went down some YouTube rabbit holes about a decade ago and stumbled onto this one-of-a-kind way-ahead-of-her-time artist named Betty Davis. I immediately realized this funkstress supreme was a underrated touchstone who opened up a helluva lotta doors for a helluva lotta women. She died in 2022.

😭 I’m still upset that the episode of 30 Rock with Oprah Winfrey got yanked from all the streaming platforms and digital stores. I mean, I get it (although I’ll never really get it since that first “I get it” is about to be followed up with a “but” which means I don’t really get it), but it was so funny! I wish they could’ve AI edited out the B-story and kept Oprah and Liz (and Pam).

I mentioned PunkPost: Beautifully Handwritten Cards Mailed by Artists For You the other day.

This is the PunkPost card I sent Michael for Valentine’s Day.

Cool, huh? ❤️

A very un-Trumpy performance delivers for Trump at Supreme Court (Apple News)

It was a spectacle that almost nobody would have predicted: Joe Biden’s only nominee to the Supreme Court urging Trump’s lawyer to be more assertive.


Honestly my weight loss goal is to lose enough weight to be able to fit into the Kate Bush Fish People shirt that I got. Here’s the logo/image. Isn’t that gorgeous?!

There was a band called Frente! in the early mid 90s that you might remember. They were Australian and did an acoustic cover of a New Order song called Bizarre Love Triangle. Their original song Labor of Love got some radio play, too. But their second album, Shape, wasn’t particularly commercially successful or popular but it is such a good album. They were maturing in their writing and playing and it really deserved more recognition. I would’ve loved to have seen where they would’ve gone next, but they split up. They were the opening act, touring for Shape, when I saw Everything But the Girl with my friend, Krista, in high school-the second concert I ever went to (Tori Amos was first). Anyway, the version of Shape on Apple Music has a differently mixed version of the first song, but I can’t find anywhere why or where it came from. I really like it. The last I knew, they remastered and re-released their first album for its 21st anniversary - I was a kickstarter supporter - but haven’t heard a peep since.

Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung is one of my favorite 80s songs. Along with the original, there’s an orchestral version and a re-recorded version on Apple Music and I’m listening to all three this morning. 🎵

Because of course they did. I am SO ready for reasonable people to all light a torch, grab a pitchfork, and be done rolling over and taking it from the right wing once and for all. End the corruption. Eat the rich. Tax the churches. Abolish legalized slavery. Fix the goddamn environment. Care for the vulnerable. Hand out healthcare like it’s Halloween candy. Obliterate fascists. And lock him the fuck up.

🎹 Still audio-reading Resistance by Tori Amos. Still crying in nearly every chapter. She just finished reading The Beekeeper at the end of this chapter about her mother and visions and death and nothing but surely there’s something and so I listened to the song and I’m a wreck. An absolute wreck.