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Coniferous trees shrouded in fog with an overlaying inspirational quote: "Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. - Neil Gaiman, Coraline."

Save Democracy Isn’t the Battle Cry We Need

🦅🇺🇸 Don’t trust any organization with the words “freedom” or “liberty” or “heritage” or “patriots” in the name. Those organizations are never any of those things. Those organizations took those words, twisted them, mashed them, molded them into something insidious, and then resold them as hardly veiled nationalist, oligarchical rhetoric. Their buying audience is an all to an all too eager and ignorant one. ⛪️💵 They’re the mega churches of the political landscape.

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This is a Chicken 🥚

Posted to LinkedIn: This is a Chicken. Despite what the liberal media would have you believe, this is a chicken. Immediately upon fertilization (and cryo-preservation) it is a chicken. All rights of chickenhood are bestowed upon it because it is a chicken. It can peck and eat insects and seeds, it can preen and take dust baths, and because it cannot sweat, it cools itself by dunking its beak in cold water or flapping its wings.

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An Undecided Voter’s Dilemma OR Miranda Needs Our Help, You Guys

NPR Watched Biden SOTU Speech with Undecided Voter Who ‘Wasn’t that Impressed’? | The funny thing about this (not funny “ha ha” but funny “omg we’re all doomed and if I don’t nervously laugh about it I WILL have a meltdown and I WILL take you there with me”) is that any American is “undecided” on who she’s voting for. What else on this entire earth do you possibly need to see with your own dull, listless, hollow eyes to make a decision?

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ChatGPT is a Friendly Robot Overloard and We Don’t Question That Now Do We

I asked ChatGPT to analyze one of my favorite pieces of writing I’d done about a moment between me and Michael. Here’s how it responded. Not bad advice, and I especially appreciated the complimentary tone of our new robot overload. I feel much better about future assimilation attempts as generative AI continues generative-ing and readies itself for complete global domination, probably by this Friday, or Monday at the latest. Your piece, “Who are you?

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And I’m sorry but in this whole entire populous nation, Trump and Biden are the best we can come up with? Really?

That’s scary.

Honestly, the first question I have for Obsidian experts is how many vaults do you recommend a person have. Just one master vault? Or like, one per project? One for personal one for professional? If you make separate ones can the info and knowledge you capture still be linked?

Fixed my “reply by email” button on MB.

Also I found that the Wayback Machine did archive some of my Twitter posts under my first username. Can anyone point me to instructions on how to import them here? I saw something about that some time ago but couldn’t get it to work.

Lyric videos are lazy. I mean, I wouldn’t say that to the designer who actually does all the work. Just the musician. Even my favorite ones.

Maybe I should start taking the long way around

I have 420 iOS shortcuts, according to what the iOS shortcuts counting shortcut told me. My god, I collect them like friggin Longaberger baskets filled with Beanie Babies used to keep Precious Moments porcelain from cracking. A portrait Thomas Kinkade most certainly forgot to paint. I am so obsessed with them. But over 400 shortcuts? Maybe I should start taking the long way around. [Launcher] Camera [Launcher] Goblin Tools @AP-Get App Icon @IM-Base64 Images @IM-Copy Key Colour Code From Image @IM-Icon Generator @IM-OCR To Drafts @LO-What3Words Current Location @LO-What3Words Current Location (no Data Jar) @NO-Add Note to Obsidian by File @NO-Add Note to Obsidian by URL @NO-Dictate to Obsidian @NO-Last Tot to Drafts @PO-Fetch Show Notes @PR-Scriptable Bookmarks Example @SC-Shortcut Info @UR-Open Useful Shortcuts Related URLs @UR-Read Me a Simpsons Quote #DH-Screen Lamp #DT-Time to Decimal hours ␗ Unpaywall ␗ ♫ Song To LOL 📲 Add To Launcher Activity Report Add Cover To Audio File Add Icon to Folder Add list elements Add More from Artist Add Portrait Effect Add to an existing note Add to App Store wish list AM to Insta iOS 19 AM to Insta iOS Test An Ins Downloader Animate Text on GIF App Icon Downloader Append to Note in Apple Notes Append to Ulysses Sheet Apple Frames Apple Music Embed Apple Music to song.

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Also is Mitch McConnell rotting in hell (where he belongs) yet?

I heard he’s gonna “retire” soon.

I hope that’s just a funny way of saying gonna “rot in hell (where he belongs)” soon.

🎵 Michael shared this group w me. I feel awe considering our ability to create beauty from breath (and practice!). It’s human & universal.

Here’s their Ave Verum Corpus, which I sang in high school w Sr. Ensemble. We got a 1 at contest 💅

We had 20-some voices—here’s what it sounds like w 6.


This dog 🐶 🐾🥰💞💞💞

Fun Fact for the Sabbath

The mission of The Satanic Temple, the only Satanic religious organization recognized as a church by the IRS and the Federal Court System, is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense, oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. Also they sell lovely coffee mugs in the gift shop. 🤘☕️🖤

🫠 Struggling with some focus issues this week as I work. I’m doggedly hyper focused, but on the wrong priorities. I can’t get to the tasks I wanted to start and finish on Tuesday because I keep working on other stuff. I’m supposed to have this eLearning course done this week and I don’t think it’s going to be physically possible unless I work on Saturday or Sunday.

Matthew, we’ve talked about reading the comments before.

microblog://post?text= Our agency director is having a press conference with the governor today and her executive assistant sent an announcement about it. It had a link to the governor’s Facebook page, which I didn’t even want to click on because now it means I have to clear my cache and I’ve got like 400 open tabs, but I did click on it and what’s worse…I read the comments. I still cannot believe how willfully and confidently ignorant the people of Ohio are.

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And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note

“Whassa matter, Garfield? Cat gotcher tongue?” I chuckled when I had that thought. It calmed me down from being angry at whatever IT pro did this while finally installing some light cable management at my desk and who didn’t leave a note. At least they set it aside and didn’t like, stomp on it some more. And they carefully placed this beautiful, broken paperweight right next to my semi-sacrilegious calendar which I LOVE hanging here at the downtown state owned office tower.

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Most People Are Good by Luke Bryan

My god do I ever hate contemporary country music. 🤮🤮🤮

I think I might need more Garfields for my office desk downtown.

And a better cord management system, ew.