30 Favorite Photos of Lucy the Beagle 📸🐶

These are most of the photos of Lucy in my collection that, for one reason or another, I had marked as being favorites.

14 years is a significant amount of time to have a best beagle friend. Saying goodbye after 14 years of hellos - it’s a loss I never anticipated would be so excruciating and heartbreaking and deeply painful.

I know I keep saying this, but I truly found a place in myself that I didn’t know was there when she left this plane. I expressed so much raw, pure grief in 10 minutes than I think I have yet in my life. And I could tell that it was physically coming from a place in my body and essence that was so deep, and cutting so close to my core. A profound lament. A moment of shared, sad humanity.

There’s another Over the Rhine song that just came to mind. “Nobody No. 1” from their double album, Ohio.

And though we love to numb the pain We come to find that it’s in vain Pain is our mother She makes us recognize each other

c’mon now, child, don’t cry…

I miss my girl.

I miss Lucy.