Ocean to Ocean to Ohio

Tori Amos: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert : NPR:

Her renditions of the title track and “29 Years” are magnetic, but what really makes this set a treat is the commentary she shares before each song.

Always at her best when she’s alone with a piano, this performance showcases the depths of her maturity both in voice and thought. Also that Baker Baker is amazing. 🎵

I’m glad I bought a ticket to one of her Ohio shows. Honestly it’ll be one of the few times I’ll have left the house for something other than work or necessity since the pandemic began. I’ve/we’ve visited family and a couple friends, and eaten out a handful of times. Michael is a lot more outgoing than I am these days-and if you know how much of a homebody Michael is, that’s saying something. The aloneness, the fear of the virus, the anger, the sadness, it has all impacted me much more than I let on. I’m honestly hopeful seeing Tori Amos in concert will provide a little healing and catharsis. I’m sure it’ll spark memories. Maybe it’ll bring me back out of my shell a little bit.

That’d be nice.

Matthew @UndamnedOne