Another old photo. I took this in the alley next to the high rise building where I work downtown. There’s always construction going on down there, it seems. I was walking to grab some lunch and these love bricks caught my eye. I wish I’d thought to move the lunch specials board out of frame before taking this, but oh well. It really kind of struck me, the way these love bricks were laid out. It was kind of a crappy time in the world. I can’t remember what the tragedy of the day was at the time. The Paris attacks? A murdered journalist? The Pulse massacre? Something else? I don’t remember. But seeing these love bricks caused me to write a hopeful piece. It had metaphors about rubble and rebuilding and constructing and effort and looking close enough to see it, because it’s there, etc., etc. I miss that feeling of hope. I haven’t felt it strongly in a very long time. This was a nice reminder of what it felt like to be hopeful in the midst of a not so hopeful time.

Matthew @UndamnedOne