The Coups Cult Conservatives

[There’s Nothing “Conservative” About a Coup]( “There’s Nothing “Conservative” About a Coup”):

There is nothing “conservative” about plotting to overthrow American democracy. It isn’t “conservative” to undermine our institutions. Quite the contrary. It isn’t “conservative” to preach extremism and marinate oneself in lies. It isn’t “conservative” to usher in a radical new vision of American government, one supported by intimidation and violence and rooted in minority rule.

I’ve been saying this, albeit not as eloquently as Dan Rather, for years. There was nothing “conservative” about stealing and stacking the Supreme Court. (Remember that? Denying Obama’s nomination then rushing through McConnell’s?) (because we all know he was pulling the strings, don’t we?) Nothing “conservative” about using the Constitution to wipe your ass. Yet here we are, throwing around this socially acceptable term “conservative” for what truly amounts to being a cult hellbent on power and greed and who will claim it using any means necessary. So sick of it. The word “liberal” has become well diluted, too, at least in the U.S. I wish “liberals” were less fake liberal (i.e. preservationist and centrist) and more real liberal and would start to fight fire with fire. 🔥

Matthew @UndamnedOne