Photos crashes when I try to share certain photos

So lately, ever since I started downloading Shortcuts on my iPhone, trying to share certain pictures crashes the photos app. It’s not completely random, but it kind of is. I pick a photo, hit share, and immediately Photos crashes. It happens every time I try to share that photo. Then I’ll go to a different photo and have no problem at all when I share it. It’s only certain (and many) photos that are doing this. I have no idea what makes them unique. I’ve looked at their info panels and I can’t make out any rhyme or reason as to why one photo will crash it and another won’t. I’ve Googled (well, Duck Ducked) the Hell out of this to no avail. This happens with the Photos app on my Macbook Air, too. Same photos as the ones that crash the mobile app.

It seems like a lot of people here on are much more tech-savvy than I. If you’re reading this and you’d care to help me troubleshoot, I’d sure appreciate a solution.

I think ultimately I’m going to have to make a Genius Bar appointment.

Oh, and my Music library in the cloud all of a sudden started showing songs as File type: PDF. They still play (usually) and upon downloading or playing, the file type changes back to music. It’s super weird and super annoying.

Matthew @UndamnedOne