On the right’s desire for anti-trans population control: “It has consumed them.”

June 10, 2022 - by Heather Cox Richardson:

But a Twitter thread by New York Times reporter Ben Collins today made it clear that the right wing in America has grown beyond Trump. In the right-wing spaces Collins reports on, he says that participants are aware of the hearing but unconcerned about it. Instead, they “have moved onto full-time anti-trans panic. It has consumed them.” They now care far more about fighting to control the nation’s LGBTQ population than about Trump. “They simply want a fight,” Collins wrote, “and are looking for whoever will start it fastest.”

They’re coming for my community. Not like they haven’t been all along, it’s just going to be much more overt and systematic and concentrated. It’s already started with don’t say gay bills and bathroom bills and successful book bans.

We told you this would happen.

Matthew @UndamnedOne