June 12, 2022 - by Heather Cox Richardson:

It seems likely the Democrats want the deal to establish the principle of federal regulation of guns, and the Republicans want it to say they’re doing something at a time when American voters are demanding action on gun safety. If it does little to change outcomes, Republicans will be able to say that regulations don’t make us safer.

So once again, it’s all about appearance, politics, and power instead of people.

Nobody needs a gun. Abolish the second amendment. Prohibit their sale and manufacturing. Obliterate the NRA. And yes, take all the guns away. Pry them from cold, dead hands if you have to, but do it and do it soon. There’s no such thing as “common sense” law when it comes to guns. We’ve proven that over and over. Get rid of the damn things. This weak ass pisswater “bipartisan” bill will not save anyone. Dems should be ashamed for agreeing to it and for not fighting harder.

That’s what I think.

Matthew @UndamnedOne