Ohio’s new ‘Constitutional Carry’ law: What you need to know - WFMJ.com:

A new law known as “Constitutional Carry” went into effect in Ohio on Monday, allowing those who are 21-years-of age or older who would be qualified for a concealed carry license to carry a concealed handgun without actually possessing a license.

Shooting in Columbus on Sunday, expanded gun rights law going into effect on Monday. Literally.

I don’t even know what the word for this is anymore. It happens too often to be called “irony.” And we’ve become too complacent for it to be called “tragedy.” I don’t think it’s funny, so it’s not “comedy.”

What do you call it? What’s the word for when a shooting kills someone one day and then guns are prioritized and protected by the pro life party the next day?

Matthew @UndamnedOne