These 25 rainbow-flag waving companies donated $13 million to anti-gay politicians since 2021:

Despite donating millions to anti-LGBTQ politicians, all 25 corporations included in Popular Information’s analysis were highly rated by HRC’s 2022 Corporate Equality Index. 15 of the 25 corporations received perfect scores (100) and none received a score below 80. Along with workplace policies, the Corporate Equality Index purports to measure corporations’ “public commitment to the LGBTQ community.” But HRC’s methodology excludes political donations, enabling corporations to craft a pro-LGBTQ image while bankrolling politicians that are undermining LGBTQ rights.

Later in this article there’s also quote from HRC, an organization I don’t particularly care for (for the exact reasons above), that I do particularly care for. In the quote, the interim HRC president basically says it’s time for corporations to shit or get off the pot when it comes to supporting LGBTQ rights:

...putting out New Pride Merch and throwing coupons from a float is just not going to cut it. Touting your CEI score while donating to politicians who call us pedophiles is just not going to cut it. We need corporations to get off the sidelines and actually pick a side. We need every single person who cares about where this nation is headed to get off the sidelines and actually pick a side. Our side.

I’ve been saying it since and before The Orange One lost the popular vote the first time: there are two sides. Period. Pick one.

Matthew @UndamnedOne