Shaken - by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner - Steady:

For now, however, we must remember how close we came to never learning the full story.

If the Republicans had a majority in the House, there would be no committee. The majority of elected officials in that party are not only eager to sweep this insurrection under the rug, they still pay fealty to the would-be dictator who fomented it. We have had far too much silence. Far too much complicity. Far too many lies.

If only I could get my parents to see this. But they never will, and they wouldn’t believe it anyway. They’re so brainwashed by that propaganda machine Fox News. I mean, dad still calls coronavirus, “The China virus.” Still! And he sees that orange crook as some kind of sainted savvy businessman. I don’t understand how rose tinted your glasses have to be to think that way.

Dad used to tell me, upon learning I was gay, that I just needed to “look at the other side of the coin” (ie just try being straight). It’s funny how he only sees one side of the coin and always has.

Dad and I agree on one thing: we fear for the future of this country. Very, very much. But our fears are quite obviously for very, very different reasons.

Matthew @UndamnedOne