There was a band called Frente! in the early mid 90s that you might remember. They were Australian and did an acoustic cover of a New Order song called Bizarre Love Triangle. Their original song Labor of Love got some radio play, too. But their second album, Shape, wasn’t particularly commercially successful or popular but it is such a good album. They were maturing in their writing and playing and it really deserved more recognition. I would’ve loved to have seen where they would’ve gone next, but they split up. They were the opening act, touring for Shape, when I saw Everything But the Girl with my friend, Krista, in high school-the second concert I ever went to (Tori Amos was first). Anyway, the version of Shape on Apple Music has a differently mixed version of the first song, but I can’t find anywhere why or where it came from. I really like it. The last I knew, they remastered and re-released their first album for its 21st anniversary - I was a kickstarter supporter - but haven’t heard a peep since.