“Whassa matter, Garfield? Cat gotcher tongue?”

I chuckled when I had that thought.

It calmed me down from being angry at whatever IT pro did this while finally installing some light cable management at my desk and who didn’t leave a note.

At least they set it aside and didn’t like, stomp on it some more.

And they carefully placed this beautiful, broken paperweight right next to my semi-sacrilegious calendar which I LOVE hanging here at the downtown state owned office tower.

For February’s design it has a large, intentionally pixelated picture of Jesus, his hands thoughtfully hovering over the opening in his chest that leads to his sacred heart (and who know where it leads - heaven? A vacant shopping mall? Who really knows for sure?).

At the same time he’s holding a bouquet of long stem red roses in one hand and a floating, red, heart-shaped Mylar balloon in the other. He looks both peaceful and confused.

The caption reads, “Ah Jesus Christ, you shouldn’t have!”


P. S. If anyone asks and offers to pay for a replacement I’m going to say this was a rare vintage piece that I paid $80 for, but I’m willing to go down as far as $75 to cover the cost of replacement. (I am pretty sure I paid like six dollars for it.)