microblog://post?text= Our agency director is having a press conference with the governor today and her executive assistant sent an announcement about it. It had a link to the governor’s Facebook page, which I didn’t even want to click on because now it means I have to clear my cache and I’ve got like 400 open tabs, but I did click on it and what’s worse…I read the comments.

I still cannot believe how willfully and confidently ignorant the people of Ohio are.

Well, the people of Ohio who leave comments on the governor’s Facebook page thinking he’ll read them (which is, in itself, an indication of their ignorance).

They’re a cruel mob who cheers for the Texas governor’s gross, shady “buss ‘em up north and let them deal with it” practice that he’s forcing onto living human beings who are in fact alive, forgetting in his mad thirst for attention that ALL LIVES MATTER and that the SANCTITY OF LIFE MUST BE PROTECTED (if you’re white, Christian, male, and American or an enabler).

These are the same people who say the rule of law is paramount - - well, they aren’t smart enough to use a word like paramount so let’s say “really important” instead - - and then line up to vote for the racist, proven law breaker with dozens of felony charges .

I lhate accepting that bigots, and much worse, are actually a thing the rest of us have to suffer.

And I don’t think I’m going to intentionally click on another Facebook link again for as long as I can help it. All this stuff is why I deleted Facebook in the first place. I get angry enough listening to podcasts and newsletters (from reputable sources), I don’t need added anger inspired by the dumbest among us.