I have 420 iOS shortcuts, according to what the iOS shortcuts counting shortcut told me.

My god, I collect them like friggin Longaberger baskets filled with Beanie Babies used to keep Precious Moments porcelain from cracking. A portrait Thomas Kinkade most certainly forgot to paint.

I am so obsessed with them. But over 400 shortcuts? Maybe I should start taking the long way around.

[Launcher] Camera [Launcher] Goblin Tools @AP-Get App Icon @IM-Base64 Images @IM-Copy Key Colour Code From Image @IM-Icon Generator @IM-OCR To Drafts @LO-What3Words Current Location @LO-What3Words Current Location (no Data Jar) @NO-Add Note to Obsidian by File @NO-Add Note to Obsidian by URL @NO-Dictate to Obsidian @NO-Last Tot to Drafts @PO-Fetch Show Notes @PR-Scriptable Bookmarks Example @SC-Shortcut Info @UR-Open Useful Shortcuts Related URLs @UR-Read Me a Simpsons Quote #DH-Screen Lamp #DT-Time to Decimal hours ␗ Unpaywall ␗ ♫ Song To LOL 📲 Add To Launcher Activity Report Add Cover To Audio File Add Icon to Folder Add list elements Add More from Artist Add Portrait Effect Add to an existing note Add to App Store wish list AM to Insta iOS 19 AM to Insta iOS Test An Ins Downloader Animate Text on GIF App Icon Downloader Append to Note in Apple Notes Append to Ulysses Sheet Apple Frames Apple Music Embed Apple Music to song.link Apple Music Wrapped Apple News ⇨ Safari Apple Notes Clipper ASCII Clipboard Auto Message Base10 to Base2 Base64 Demo Base64 encode asset Base64 Encoder Base64 Encoder/Decoder Base64 Pro Better GIF Maker Better Share Sheet Blank Icon Maker Blog book excerpt to MB Blur image Blur Image Only Bookmark on Micro.blog Brighten Things Up Browse Top News Bulk-add reminders Calc Seconds In Duration Capture contact info Capture Web to Obsidian Change DNS Check MBFC Check network quality Check the Front Page Clean up book quote Clean Up Screenshots Clear url query argument Clip Article to Notes Clipboard Markdown to Notes Colour Swatch Combine Chosen Photos Horizontally Combine Images Combine Images horizontally Combine Screenshots & Share Combine Screenshots V Control appearance Convert Markdown to rich text Convert Photos To GIF Convert rich text to Markdown Convert rich text to Ulysses markdown Convert Selected Text to Rich Text Copy Apple Music link Copy Calendar Copy iCloud Drive Link Copy Link to Page Selection Copy Markdown image Copy Markdown image with caption Copy Markdown image with caption + enumerated filename Copy Markdown link for URL Copy Selected Track Info Count Songs COVID Vaccination 10-1-2022 Create Calendar Event File Create custom presentation Create Hyperlink Create Most Played Last Week Playlist Create mrd omg.lol PURL Create Reminder Crop MarkUp Daily agenda Day Detail De-news Deactivate Survival Mode DeepL Translate Delete Metadata From Photos Delete screenshots Describe With GPT Dictate groceries Directions to Event Discogs/Shazam Do If Night (or Daytime) Download app icon Download File Download Media from Mastodon Download NPR Download reels Download Video Dynamic Summary Embiggen Enable slow genie minimize Encode Image Encode Photo Base 64 ENCODE TO MP3 ExactPic ExactPic Cropper ExactPic Framer Extract link from Apple News URL Find RSS Feed Find shortucts Full Screen Quick Look Generate Alt Text with OpenAI Vision Generate QR code Get Favicon Get High Resolution Music Video Artwork Get Images from Page Get Lyric Get network details Get URL to Run Shortcuts Glyph Search Good night Google Lens Google Maps URL In Apple Maps Google Reverse Image Search Grange Insurance Kia Soul Exp 2-21-2023 Grocery List Group Text Without The Group Haha Hex Code 2.0 Hibernation Mode HighResArtwork Animated HighResArtwork. Home ETA HTML SCRAPER HTML2PDF - Make, View, Share I’m getting pulled over If ? iMacMoji Image Grid InstaDownload Instagram All Type Downloader Instagram Download Instagram Media Saver Instagram++ iSmS Item Searcher V6.1 Jellycuts Helper Join Media Join Videos KeepMeSafe Least Played Music Let’s Ramble Light Switch Listen to me Loader LockFlow Shortcut Importer v1.1 Log Health Data Log meeting notes Log My Blood Sugar Levels Look up Mastodon account ID MacMoji Make folder icon Make GIF Make into icon Make PDF Make QR Code Make Top 25 Playlist Mass Text Masto-Redirect Mastodon Post Embed MD Clip for Mac Measurement Converter Media Grabber Media Mutt Meet Halfway Meme Maker micro.blog check in Micro.blog Example Micro.blog Image Upload Micro.blog Multimedia Uploader Micro.Blog This Middle Layer Mini Safari Lite Monkeypox Orthopox Vaccination Record 9-21-2022 Music Grabber Network Strength Log networkQuality speedtest NPR News Now NPR Webscraper Obsidian Journal Entry Obsidian Plugin Database ObsidianHUB ObsidianLock Open a Keynote doc Open from Archive Open from Read Later Open icons folder Open in Apple Music Open in Freedium Open In iTunes Store Open in Maps Open links in Safari Open Mastodon publisher Open Mastodon.Online Open my Personal notes Open my Work notes Open PicSew Open Reading List Open Routines notes Open Safari Reader Open saved articles in Safari Open Scrobbles for Last.fm Open Starred items Open unsorted notes Open video notes Order from Starbucks Organize All Unsorted Photos Organize CarPlay Otter Start Recording Overlay logo Overlay w/Parameters Parking Passwords Pause 1Blocker Firewall PDF to Base 64 PDF To Image PDF to Markdown PERSONAL status.lol Photo Booth Photo Caption Setter Photo collage Photos From Day PHQ-9 to Note Ping My iPhone Plain Text Copy Plan for tomorrow Play “10” Play artist’s top songs next Play confirmation sound Play Full Album Next Play iPhone boot chime Play Mac Sound Play More Like This Play Random Artist Play Random Playlist Play Resistance By Tori Amos Play Start Up song Play This Entire Album Pritam Download Privacy Report Publish to Micro.blog QR Anything Quick combine Quick Icon Maker Quick Launch - Open App Quit all apps Quit Scrobbles for Last.fm Quote of the Day Quote To Insta 1 R⤓Download Read about photography Read it now Read Selected Article Outloud Reading Mode Recent Albums Reflect. Remove Background from Portrait Remove Paywall Remove Photo Metadata (Share) Rename Files Repeat This Song Reset Background Sounds Reset connections Resize Image For Email Reverse List of Links Rhodes Evacuation Location RSS: Subscribe in NNW Safari Reader Article to Mail Save Clipboard Save for Later (Library Version) Save header image Save Images! Save links on page to read later Save PDF as Long Screenshot Save quote from Safari selection Save Script Save Show Notes Save to GL Save to Obsidian Scan Document Scan QR Code On Screen Screen Capture Text to Clipboard Screenshot Renamer v2.5 Search Apple Music Search by website Search for Stock Photo Search GIPHY and Share Search iTunes Store Search Reeder Send Link To Obsidian Set background sounds Set Speaker Playback Share Apple Music Profile Share Guest Wi-Fi Share My Week In Music Share My Year In Music Share My Year In Music 1 Share Song Share Text Fragments Shazam & Save Shazam Link Converter Shazam Locations Shazam Save Shazam shortcut Shazam ToolBox Shortcut Transfer Shortcuts Backup Shortcuts Websites Shorten URL Shortest Route Multiple Locations Show Desktop Show me tech news Show me this music video Show my saved stories ShowCard Shower Time Shut Down Sip The Mead of Knowledge some.pics Song.Link Songs Hunter Sort Lines Speak Body of Article Special characters Split Screen 2 Apps Spotify To MP3 (2022) SSH Tools Stack vertically Start a new chat with ChatGPT using GPT-3.5 Start a new chat with ChatGPT using GPT-4 Super ML Survival Mode SVG to PNG SW-DLT Tarot Reading Text to PNG 2.0 Text to Voice Textify Tile Last 4 Windows Time Machine Timed Playlist Toggle Low Power Top Stories from Apple News Tops Music Track my Uber eats order Trebuchet - Bypass Paywalls Turn Dark Mode Off Turn Dark Mode On Turn Low Power Mode Off Turn Low Power Mode On Turn Off 1Blocker Firewall Turn off the overhead lights Turn On 1Blocker Firewall Turn on the overhead lights Turn Text Into Audio Tweet Link and Title Tweet Selected Quote Unblock Me Uninstall App Unlock Paywall UNPACK ARCHIVES Upcoming Events UpdateKit URL encode/decode vCards 2.0 Video —> Audio Video To GIF View Source Watch 30 Rock Watch Futurama Water Eject weather calendar Web Archive Web Browser Weekly Check In What a blockhead What’s my IP? Work on checklists WORK status.lol Write down gifts received Youtu-Rss YouTubeSummarizer YT Deshortener yt-dlp mac  Podcasts To Snipd Music - Get URL to Song, Album or Artist