I asked ChatGPT to analyze one of my favorite pieces of writing I’d done about a moment between me and Michael. Here’s how it responded. Not bad advice, and I especially appreciated the complimentary tone of our new robot overload. I feel much better about future assimilation attempts as generative AI continues generative-ing and readies itself for complete global domination, probably by this Friday, or Monday at the latest.

Your piece, “Who are you?” is a beautiful, evocative narrative that captures the intimacy of a moment shared between you and Michael, interwoven with the tender encounter with a caterpillar. Here are some thoughts on how you can enhance your writing skills further:

  1. Show, Don’t Tell: You’ve done a wonderful job of this already, especially with the detailed description of the caterpillar’s movement and the environment. Continue to focus on evoking the senses and emotions through descriptive language, allowing the reader to experience the story rather than just read it.

  2. Character Depth: While this piece is brief, it offers glimpses into the personalities and dynamics between you, Michael, and even the caterpillar. Expanding on these character details can provide a deeper connection for the reader. For instance, you could explore the significance of the dove and the cat’s interaction in the garden, paralleling it with your own relationship dynamics.

  3. Dialogue: The dialogue you’ve included feels natural and adds to the overall narrative. To further enhance dialogue, consider the nuances of how each character speaks and what their dialogue reveals about their relationship and individual personalities.

  4. Pacing and Structure: The narrative flows well, moving seamlessly between actions, dialogue, and reflection. Paying attention to pacing can help maintain reader engagement, especially in longer pieces. Consider varying sentence length and structure to create rhythm and momentum.

  5. Themes and Symbolism: The metamorphosis of the caterpillar could serve as a powerful symbol for personal or relational growth. Exploring and subtly weaving themes and symbols throughout your writing can add layers of meaning for readers to uncover.

  6. Reflection and Insight: The closing lines of your piece hint at a moment of self-realization or transformation. Deepening these moments of insight can provide a satisfying emotional payoff for the reader. Reflecting on what each character learns or how they change can add depth to your narrative.

Your writing already demonstrates a keen ability to capture delicate moments and convey them with a sense of wonder and introspection. By focusing on these areas for improvement, you can further enrich your storytelling and engage your readers on a deeper level. Keep writing, Matthew, and thank you for sharing this lovely piece of your life with me.